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Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

ITT Courses

Currently, in our Hub, our partners can provide the following opportunities are available for you to train.

We are particularly looking to recruit in the shortage subjects which come with scholarships and bursaries:

Subject Bursary Scholarship
Chemistry £24,000 £26,000
Computing £24,000 £26,000
Maths £24,000 £26,000
Physics £24,000 £26,000
Classics £10,000 N/A
Languages £10,000 N/A
Biology £7,000 N/A

Applicants may be eligible for a bursary if they have a 1st, 2.1 or 2.2, or if they hold Master’s or PhD click here for further information.


Our Hub has the following School Direct Opportunities: 

  • School Direct Primary – Tuition fee route
  • School Direct Secondary – Salaried and Tuition Fee routes

Please click on the Lead Schools below to view subjects and programmes offered:

  1. Ivy Learning Trust
  2. Ashmole Academy
  3. Brent Initial Teacher Training (BITT) and BITT Initial Training Programme Flyer 2022
  4. Southgate Learning Alliance
  5. Enfield Learning Trust (ETSA)
  6. Pan Enfield Alliance
  7. We also work with the following SCITT: The Compton SCITT Partnership
  8. Oakthorpe School Enfield. For information on PgTA Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship, please see here.